Employment in the property industry

The property industry includes not only real estate related positions, but also entails town planning, surveyor jobs, engineering positions, building inspectors and valuers, property managers, and mortgage brokers to name but a few. It in general includes all types of work with regard to immovable property including vacant land, buildings, and commercial entities.

Is there scope for work in the property industry?
Yes, the property industry is growing fast in most countries Property prices rise and fall all the time but even when the market is performing at its worst, there are still scope for employment in this sector. Governments, NGOs, and the private sector are constantly expanding and developing new projects since the world population is ever increasing. Old buildings have to make space for new ones. New infrastructures to handle traffic that accompany new developments must be developed and property must be managed, sold and rented. The field is much broader than meets the eye.

Who should work in the property industry?
People with a good sense of business, and who love working with people and property, are suitable for the sector. Some knowledge of building, property, financing, and environmental laws and regulations, is needed. Work in the sector entails an eye for detail and the ability to organize complex data into usable information.

Essential skills
Good communication, negotiation and reporting skills are required for most of the positions, as well as the ability to work with figures.

Most of the jobs require certification or a degree. Promotion possibilities exist in all the occupations, and in most cases you canstart your own business. In almost all of the jobs, you will need to register with the relevant regulating body and comply with certain professional standards. On the job training is possible. Qualifications include certificates, diplomas or degrees in real estate, surveying, architecture, building, city planning, civil engineering, and financing.

Careers in the property industry

The following careers can be followed:

  • Surveyor
  • Realtor
  • Property valuer or appraiser
  • Property inspector
  • City planner
  • Bond originator