Employment Trends for Journalism Jobs

There has been a steady increase in the number of media outlets, increasing opportunities available for journalism jobs. The internet, the multitude of television channels, the steady demands of the print media and increasing literacy has led to a demand for well written copy. A good journalist does not have an employment problem right now.

Sensationalism in Journalism

One barrier to journalism, is the sensationalism that is gaining more attention from a busy world. Journalism has led to a trend to sensationalism and opportunism. The steady pace of the written word has given way to short sentences. Essentially, the quality of journalism has been diminished. The requirements to produce news, even if it has to be manufactured have remained ever steady and growing. Other mediums that are also encouraging journalism in today's world are the radio, public relation activities and e-books. The ease with which it is now possible to make your literary contributions to outlets all over the world has also helped to grow the prospects for journalism.

Requirements of a Journalism Job

Journalism needs you to have an interest in current affairs, people, places and events. Journalism needs you to research and write in a style that is easily understood. Good grammar, spelling and punctuation play a vital part in the final success of a journalist. A journalist needs to be clear in his thinking and be able to present his thoughts to the reader or listener so that he stays interested.

Live reporting is one of the journalistic careers that have a very wide scope due to the proliferation of television channels. This sort of journalism needs you to be presentable and eloquent with a command over language. The spontaneous and immediate nature of such reporting places a constant stress on the news reporter. The prospects in this career are very good, especially if you gain the popularity that is quite often associated with news anchors and other such live reporters.

Internet and the Job of Journalism

The vast increase in the use of the internet has also led to a huge demand for the written word to fill up the billions of pages that are available on the internet. So, journalists writing for this media also have a lot of scope. Again here a good journalist has to be constantly aware of the needs of the media and the topics that are constantly in demand. The journalist should be able to adjust to changing demands so that his readership remains constant and ever growing.


One of the negative aspects of the journalism jobs in these two sectors is the constant demand to meet deadlines. This places a lot of pressure on the journalist, and often forces him or her to compromise on the quality of the offering being made to the media in which they are working. This can sometimes affect credibility and thus probably the career graph.

Journalism jobs are also very unkind on social and family life, often asking for irregular hours and routines. There is also a constant danger to life and limb when reporting certain public events or even wars and accidents or calamities. The journalist has to leave his fear behind and continue to fulfill the task of reporting whatever the situation he is placed in.