Employment Trends for Preschool Teacher Jobs

Preschool teacher job trends are a mixture of job options and career considerations. This type of job falls into the teaching profession and is affected by market demand. It’s also an area of teaching which is directly related to economic conditions, and can be a tricky career path at times.

One of the problems for preschool teachers is that the job market is particularly sensitive to industry-driven factors like operating costs, which often restrict the hiring process. Employment patterns tend to be spasmodic, slow to react to demographic demands and new jobs are often based on local initiatives in terms of provision of preschool services.

The Employment Market

This is one of the most diverse of all job markets. Preschools are very much in demand, but the demand has also created a situation based on costs. Income directly affects consumer choice of preschool facilities, and is also linked to local availability of services. Regional demand and job opportunities can vary considerably. As the population grows, these jobs become more and more prevalent. Supply rarely keeps up with demand in this industry. As costs increase,  the tendency is to redesign or cut existing services, and therefore reducing vacancies. The vacancies that do occur are usually caused by staff turnover.

Preschool teacher jobs include various job market considerations:

  • Kindergarten: The various forms of preschool employers include private franchises, independent kindergartens, public, church and community facilities. Each of these streams has its own employment issues, notably funding for the public and community based kindergartens, but on the whole these are stable job situations.
  • Special education: These education programs employ specialist teachers, and form a complex employment pattern, sometimes related to medical or other forms of care. 
  • Day care teaching roles: Employer sponsored day care facilities can provide good jobs, with salaries on a par with kindergarten teachers. These positions often have good career potentials, because the employer day care positions are generally well  funded, more stable work environments.

Career Dynamics for preschool teachers

Career progression can develop in forms of related jobs. These are effectively developments of career modes. Preschool teachers have a natural career development in the hierarchical sense, progressing to heads of kindergartens and management of day care centers. With these roles comes an expanded career position, including management of day care centers and franchise options among the bigger day care chains.

Another form of career progression for experienced preschool teachers is as a trainer of preschool teachers at college level. This option is expanding as more preschool teacher job creation occurs. Technology is also making major changes in the preschool teacher job market. The advent of computer training at this level has greatly expanded the preschool teacher’s role, and has added remote teaching to the mix of career options.