Employment Trends in Marketing

If you are considering a career in marketing, you may be wondering what the employment trends look like for this industry. According to a recent poll, marketing jobs have increased by 14% since January 2008, so it seems to be an industry that is growing. Even though many industries have to cut back during tough economic times, both small and large business owners need to have a way to attract new customers. They also need ideas about how to retain the clients they already have. As a result, businesses are often willing to invest in marketing even when they are downsizing and cutting expenses in other areas.

Industry Changes

With the advent of the Internet, marketing a business has changed significantly. In the past, people often listed their goods and services in The Yellow Pages, and when customers wanted something they would look through this book to find what they needed. But now people are much more likely to go online to search for what they need, creating a demand for an online Yellow Pages. Similarly, businesses used to spend a great deal of money on direct mail marketing in order to attract new customers. However, with the low cost of email marketing campaigns, the trend has been toward creating web sites and driving customers to them through email marketing. Spending money to rank well on Google has become more important than hiring telemarketers to make cold calls. In addition, more and more companies are seeing the value in posting videos and audios online through a variety of web sites and social media outlets in order to attract new customers.

Types of Jobs

Because of the recent changes in how businesses position themselves and spend their advertising dollars, people who want to succeed in a marketing career must change with the times. They must be technology-savvy and keep up with all the different ways business can market themselves, including such things as streaming live video, developing new and meaningful web content, and conducting successful email campaigns. Marketing jobs can be either very generalized or very specialized, depending on the size of the company. Larger companies need more help and therefore hire specialists while smaller companies might only hire one or two people to take care of all their marketing needs. Of course there are also marketing companies whose job it is to help multiple businesses with all their marketing campaigns.

A large company might have an account director, executive, or supervisor who handles client relationships, supervises accounts, and delivers presentations. Big businesses might also have account managers to create, organize, and executive advertising and publicity campaigns as well as assistant marketing managers who do market research and help with the creation and production of marketing materials. In addition, companies might hire brand or product managers who focus on developing specific campaigns for particular products. Businesses might even hire event or trade show managers/coordinators, marketing managers, and junior account executives. In addition, they would need to fill other positions related to marketing, including web designers, copy writers, and proofreaders/copy editors. Smaller companies have similar needs; they just hire one or two people to fulfill all these roles. So, as you can see, there are many job opportunities in marketing for someone who is interested in pursuing a career in this particular field.