Encourage your teen to find a job

As a parent you would find it encouraging when your teenager starts talking about taking up a job to supplement his/ her income. Keeping in consideration that the teenage is a difficult period, you will need to work out methods to assist without seeming too interfering or over-protective. The following tips might help you assist your job-seeking teenager:

  • Planning ? stress out to your job-seeking teenager the importance of planning. Find out how many hours per day and per week he/she can really spare without harming the school schedule
  • Focus ? help the job-seeking teenager highlight the best skills he/she has and steer them to seek a job that utilize those skills
  • Realistic schedule ? emphasize that they would not be able to work every free minute they have; they also need rest, recreation and socializing which would suffer greatly if the job occupies all the free time
  • School comes first ? ensure that the job-seeking teenager understands that he/she could do any job as long as their grades do not suffer.
  • Identify home chores for starters ? your job-seeking teenager could start working right from home. There must be a 1001 tasks at home that need to be done. Entrust these to your teenager for a fee.
  • Teach your job-seeking teenager to identify stress ? often the teenagers might bite more than he/she can chew and show symptoms of stress such as constant tiredness, failing health, lack of appetite, aggressive behavior, restlessness, etc. Teach them to recognize the signs and when this happens ? to cut down on the work they do.
  • Teach them safety measures ? the world is full of sick people. Teach your job-seeking teenager to always put safety first. You should always be informed of where he/she would go and when they are expected back. Have them call you when they expect any change in schedule.