Energy researcher Job Description

The alternative energy researcher conducts research on the design of energy alternatives as well policies for alternative energy resource development and utilization. The alternative energy researcher is also responsible for the development of applied methodologies for the alternative energy sectors.

Typical tasks carried out by the alternative energy researcher include:

  • Consultation with local and national authorities with regard to the development of policies, structures and alternative energy production methods.
  • Development of new environmentally friendly and economical sustainable methods for the production of renewable energy.
  • Project management to ensure effective promotion of the new technologies.
  • Sharing of information with relevant parties.
  • Educating the public.

Training requirements

To become an alternative energy researcher you need a degree in engineering and energy production.

Skills required

  • Technical knowledge relevant to alternative energy.
  • Understanding of the economical impact and costing for the production of renewable energy.
  • Management, organization and project planning skills.
  • Good research skills.
  • Good people, presentation and communication skills.

Employment opportunities

The main employers are universities, colleges and research institutions. Local governments and production companies are also employing renewable energy researchers.