Ensure your career success while you study

Here are some guidelines to help you obtain career success and to land your dream job after college graduation.

Sharpen and develop your skills for career success

Practical skills and hands-on training will definitely get you ahead of the pack when it comes to job opportunities. Employers will be more focused on practical experience than on knowledge obtained from numerous books. Focus on obtaining leadership skills and other social skills, which add value to your CV.

Use your resources

Every college and university has a career centre. Their main goal is to assist you in getting that dream job and they are usually experts on career building.

Limit your study debt

So you do not graduate from a private institution, but the education, degree or diploma will most probably be the same. The only real difference will be in the amount you have to repay after you have graduated.

Learn to be an Oscar winner

Take an acting class for a semester or two. Learn to communicate in a way that will connect you to your audience as this will ensure that they do not only listen, but also hear what you have to say.

Be a sport enthusiast

Being part of a team in college might just give you the edge and help you to land a job. You don't need to be an Olympic athlete or the star of the team, just be part of a team. Many female executives say their career success can be contributed to the experience gained on the sports field.

Excel at being average

Make a point of doing something where your name will never be known and you will never get a pat on the back, but learn to enjoy the experience and shake that competitive streak where you have to be the A student and make the dean's list.

Set your own career success goals

Decide what success will mean to you and broaden your horizon. Success doesn't only have to be millionaire status or your name in lights. Being content and happy in yourself can define your success.

Prioritize the to-do list

Your number one goal should be to secure a job. This should be your top priority and you should pursue your dream job aggressively. Set goals and follow your progress by keeping a spreadsheet. Also remember the early bird catches the worm so plan your strategy early.

Discover the entrepreneur in you

Start your own business and run it in your spare time. You have access to the Internet and a computer. Rather than spending your time just surfing the Internet or gambling online, you should be operating your own company from your room.

Choose your own dream don't live your parents? dream

If you are not content with where you are at in your life at the moment, maybe you should stop and ask yourself who chose this path? If you live your parents? dream you might end up in a nightmare.

Step into the real world of career success

You will spend a number of years in college or at university to get a degree, but it will not prepare you for the real world. You should use the time spent in college or at university to gain practical experience rather than just raking up credits to pass at the end of the year. Many employers are sceptical when it comes to hiring new graduates due to the lack of experience.

Study to be happy

Take a course in how to be happy. There are even classes that will teach you how to be optimistic. To be happy is a skill taught at many career success seminars and schools.

Master the art of giving a compliment

When paying a complement experts say you should be specific; well done will not cut it. A good complement will make you look smarter - a definite plus in the corporate world.

Know who you are and overcome rejection

The song says: 'don't worry be happy' and apparently people that are happy have a stronger sense of self. Bad things will happen but don't take it personally, this is the secret most successful business people have and it enables them to bounce back.

Ivy League school for career success

Are people who got into Harvard or Yale more successful than people who were rejected by these schools? There is no difference in the level of self confidence and ambition of people accepted and people rejected by these institutions.

Perfectionism is not an asset

In the working environment perfectionism is not an asset for career success. You will most probably end up working yourself to death, placing yourself under an enormous amount of stress and never finding job satisfaction.

Get a job

Your college or university will have numerous student bodies and student organisations where you can get involved in. The experience you gain by being part of a student organisation can turn into a full time job and will stand out on your CV.

Put your goals in writing as the first step on your path to career success

To realise your dreams you will need to know what they are and you will have to put together an action plan that will get you there. Put your plan in writing and remember to put a time frame to every step you need to take for realizing your dream.

Don't major in the social sciences

Your chances for getting a job are slim if you major in Philosophy or Ancient History. Although a degree in social sciences or the humanities will help when you are in top management and give you a head start in the art of understanding the universe and people, you still need a post graduate diploma or degree that are more applicable to the real world. Use such a degree as your basis and obtain a diploma or another degree in economics, business, information, science, IT etc. to ensure career success.