Essay Samples

Scholarship essay samples are sometimes very useful, giving a look at how a subject is approached, or how it can be approached in different ways.

The quality of the sites that provide this service is very variable, both in academic level, quality of writing, and services provided.

Some provide tips regarding the questions in scholarship essays, some show winning essays, or parts of essays.

It must be stressed that there’s no guarantee of success using these methods or services. These sites are purely advisory, some cost money for services, and there’s not much consumer protection for users.

The level of advice varies from “How To Manuals” to professional overviews. Some have a pretty high degree of intellectual content, like Kay Peterson PhD’s essay advice.

Others are more like shopping for materials and services, like and

Students are strongly advised to take a good look at what’s available in the free advisory services. Some sites charge for materials and advice which is freely available.

Use your judgment regarding quality of material.

The essay is ultimately your responsibility, and this is about winning or losing.