Scholarship essay examples are a varied bunch, and it’s better to be a bit patient, and try to find the most suitable for your needs.

If you’re doing English literature, for example, check out “Scholarship essays- English literature”.

Your essay will probably be expected to be of a far higher standard, because it’s literature.

In many cases, examples don’t necessarily explain the criteria of the scholarship questions, either. You see the answer, but not the question.

It is possible to be misled by some examples.

You may find an example of an essay relating to personal achievements, which looks great. However, the essay isn’t so much about achievements as the author’s work in a profession, and career path.

The subject of the essay, and the context of the scholarship essay, do matter. For example: Charitable organizations conduct scholarship programs, and essay questions understandably often relate to the work of the charity.

There’s a particularly useful link here from scholarshiphelp.org , explaining the relationship between essays and examiners, and what the essay is trying to find out about candidates.

The purpose of the scholarship essay is to demonstrate expression, individuality, creativity, and often to provide personal statements and information.

Extremely important:

Scholarship essay examples can be helpful, and can show how an essay should be constructed, and writing techniques and standards.


Remember that all essay examples relate to a specific scholarship, and they’re all different.

Your scholarship essay must be original, must show your knowledge, and must be as good as you can make it.