Facilities management job market

The facility executive coordinates or manages the maintenance of the buildings, information systems, services, warehouses and equipment of a company. The work includes supervising of personnel and procedures to ensure that the company's grounds and buildings are neat, and that waste removal is done. It also entails the supervision of in-house catering services, maintenance and repairs, and in some cases the smooth operation of information systems. The position falls in the larger discipline of facilities management.

It is the synchronization of several professional disciplines to create the best possible operational setting for employees. Many enterprises have their own departments and managers.

It is also the practice whereby one company establishes an agreement with another business where the contracted business manages and maintains the client or referring company's machinery, equipment, information systems, and technical services. Facilities management is a relatively new field although businesses have always pointed someone to maintain their buildings and grounds. It is only now that it has become a profession or discipline in its own right and is one of the fastest growing management fields in the contemporary corporate environment.

Types of employment in facility executive positions

  • Building maintenance manager
  • Overall day to day management of services such as cleaning, repairs, electrical and plumbing work, waste disposal and catering services of a business
  • Building repairs managers assess the state of buildings and provide recommendations for renovation and repair work.
  • Local authorities administer the maintenance of structures and terrain owned by the local bodies.
  • Information and communication systems managers are responsible for the maintenance and operation of the computers, networks and communication equipment of a company.
  • The space facility executive is responsible for the planning and maintenance of the work space.


  • Leadership and management skills
  • Excellent report writing, communication and motivational skills
  • The ability to organize and plan
  • Negotiation skills for obtaining service maintenance contracts
  • Computer literacy
  • Good problem solving skills
  • You should be familiar with relevant building, health and safety regulations

Most of employees in facilities management positions hold degrees or diplomas in management, construction, property management, services management, facilities management or IT. If you have experience in any of these fields you will be able to get employment in facilities management.


  • The Florida Institute for Technology has an excellent department for facilities management and provides valuable information on training in this field.
  • You can visit the British Institute for Facilities Management for European based jobs
  • AndersElite recruit facility managers for companies around the globe http://www.anderselite.com/Facilities-Management-Recruitment/
  • FacilityZone is a search engine specifically aimed at the facility executive.
  • The Hong Kong Institute for Facility Management not only provides advice on training but also a place to search for related jobs.