Facts about Fashion Marketing Jobs

Fashion marketing jobs are crucial for the continued revenue growth and overall success of any business in the industry. The average designer needs someone who can get their product in front of the consumer. All of us are marketing or selling ourselves on a daily basis to others. When you think of sales and marketing what comes to mind? A telemarketer, retail sales, insurance, banking or food? Indeed these are just a few that may come to mind. It is amazing how people go to the department store and think that the clothes on the racks just appeared. Consumers never take the time to consider how much thought and effort went into selecting not only which clothes will be attractive to their eyes this season, but also how they are presented. If you are going into this career, don't be surprised when you find yourself making between $35,000-$50,000 starting off! Fashion Marketing professionals are in high demand because they understand what we desire and how to get it in our shopping bin.

What is it that Fashion Marketers Do?

Fashion Marketing is an amazing career choice. In a typical day, one may have a presentation to give to Walmart. You have found a company that is rolling out some new apparel that will be the new trend next year this time in your opinion! You know for sure that this new companies product will be a top seller. Assuming you are representing a reputable marketing company, you will be the middle man who makes this a reality. Your job is to select the apparel that will sell best and contact your Walmart connection for a presentation. You must be honest about the apparel you believe in because your opinion can either make or break this new company or yourself! Walmart has high expectations and you understand that countless others covet this opportunity. 

Now that Walmart is Interested

You have completed your presentation and Walmart loves it! Let's sign the contract now! Wait a second. Do you truly think Walmart is going to take the time to set up the Marketing campaign? Your next task is to show how we are going to present this apparel to the nation. Will we use commercials? How much are we going to invest? How are we going to get these people into the store. You have either read Marketing books or went to school and your large Salary is paid out mainly because you possess this special information. Your creative flare and fashion sense is about to be used to design a sales campaign for next year. You already have the perfect store display in mind! Walmart is willing to invest the money necessary but it is your job to spend the time to implement the strategy. Remember:

1. Always follow Protocol

2. Submit to Authoritative Wise Counsel

3. Maintain Excellence

The Satisfaction of Success 

Next Year roles around and your hard work has paid off! Congratulations, your chosen apparel is Walmart's 3rd top seller! All of your work has paid off! It is amazing that this was your first project! Don't be surprised when you are offered a raise and promotion. As the years progress, you will probably become a high-level manager who delegates all of these tasks to others.