Facts about Glazier Jobs

Glazier jobs could provide you with a great opportunity in the construction industry. Here are the basics of what is involved with being a glazier and what you can expect out of the job.

Becoming a Glazier

In order to become a glazier, you will have to go through an apprentice program. To get involved in this program, it you will have to be at least 17 years old. This program will involve learning from an existing glazier for three years. They will provide you with on-the-job training that will be invaluable throughout your career. In addition to this, you will have to learn in a classroom for a minimum of 144 hours per year. You will need a basic knowledge of construction and therefore, you should try and take related classes while in high school. This will help you transition easier into the position of a glazier.

Basic Tasks

Glaziers work directly with glass and install it in a number of different environments. As a glazier, you might install glass in private homes, office buildings, and other commercial applications. Some glaziers will install glass in showers. Other glaziers work for factories and install glass in doors and windows. Glaziers also work with mirrors and install them as well.

A glazier will have to be able to accurately measure in order to ensure that the glass that they are installing will fit in the opening. They will have to be very careful and apply the glass to the opening without any damage. In order to to install the glass, they will use putty around the edges of the glass surface. They will then attach the glass with clips or triangular points around the edges. At that point, they will have to utilize a putty knife in order to smooth out the putty and seal the edges of the glass. This is a very delicate process that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Work Schedule

In most cases, a glazier will try to put in a 40 hour week. They will have a set schedule that they try to adhere to. However, as many of them work in the construction industry, they may have to work odd hours on occasion. Many building projects have to stick to strict schedules and this often forces them to work on weekends or in the evening.


The median salary for a glazier is approximately $35,000 per year. With more experience, this figure can increase. Many glaziers also have the opportunity to work overtime which can significantly increase this amount.

Opportunities for Advancement

As a glazier, you will have some opportunities to advance your career. Some glaziers will move up to an estimators position within their company. Others will also have the opportunity to move into a management role within the company. Since you are in the construction industry, you will also be able to network with other professionals. This can often lead to other employment opportunities in the future.