Facts about Golf Course Maintenance Jobs

Golf course maintenance jobs are actually a range of basic tasks mixed with miscellaneous jobs. They’re considered good jobs, and are also potential skill builders for those looking for higher positions.

The work environment

Maintenance workers work throughout the day, as course maintenance or grounds workers. Golf courses cover large areas of land, and maintenance work is effectively continuous.

The golf course is a public area, and the work involves various issues related to public usage:

  • Safety
  • Appearance
  • Litter removal
  • Hazard removal
  • Landscaping work
  • Gardening

Golf course maintenance standards are usually very high. Work quality and competence are primary considerations in this job. Maintenance workers may be continually busy, because the golf course is managed on the basis of a range of business, as well as sporting issues.

Tees, links, and green quality: This is a primary sales point for golf clubs, and it’s also a major issue with members. Mowing and keeping the grass up to an acceptable standard are primary issues. This can be hard work, if turfing is done by the staff rather than contractors, and major repair work is required. Special lawn mixes also require considerable expertise in propagation and laying, if used.

Other grounds issues: Bunkers, roughs and water features also require regular maintenance, usually related to overgrowth and water weeds or other issues. Gardens and landscape design features are generally high priority maintenance work, being important parts of the golf course presentation. Some grounds maintenance work may involve application of herbicides, pesticides, or other licensed jobs.

Grounds and related access: Important for safety and appearance purposes, maintenance workers may spend a lot of time on the grounds and dealing with things like trees, windfalls or storm damage and keeping access paths to the golf course in good condition.

Wages: $8 an hour up to $17, depending on role, trades qualifications, experience and contract terms.

Hours: Variable, depending on job requirements.

The career environment

Career progression starts with a basic position, dependent upon skills or qualifications. A maintenance work advances to supervisor level, often “job hopping” to get positions. This type of work includes a lot of job mobility, and career advancement is a result of qualifications and experience.

Qualifications for supervisory positions are a good indicator of the progression track in this field:

  • Horticulture
  • Landscaping
  • Arboriculture
  • Business management

Golf course maintenance also provides valuable career experience for jobs in these fields.

Golf course maintenance work has a little known major positive element in career terms. The standards of golf course maintenance are so high that work in this area is a good indicator of skills, particularly for grounds supervisors. Golf course maintenance is a strong skill base for working on commercial and public grounds keeping, which can be a particularly lucrative line of business and career development.

Within the industry, grounds maintenance experience equates to working at different levels of the profession. The top golf courses in the world demand excellent quality grounds maintenance, and working for a well known golf course is a career positive in the same sense as working for a 5 star hotel.

If you like working outdoors, and particularly if you’re a golf fan, this job can provide both a career and a lot of interest.