Facts About Gunsmith Jobs

Gunsmith jobs are often overlooked as a potential career opportunities. However, the job of a gunsmith is important and it can provide you with a steady working environment. Here are the basics of being a gunsmith and what you can expect out of the job.

Becoming a Gunsmith

In order to become a gunsmith, you will need to have significant mechanical proficiency. Many gunsmiths will take classes in high school such as shop and woodworking. You may choose to enter a program at a technical or vocational school after high school. Most of the time, this is a two-year program. You will have to do a large amount of work with machinery and become proficient with the basics of gunsmithing. Many people then go onto work with an experienced gunsmith for a few years as well.

Basic Tasks

A gunsmith will perform a variety of tasks while working with guns. Their main responsibility is to repair guns that are brought in by customers. A gunsmith will have to work closely with the public and try to meet individual customer's requests. They may also be tasked with the responsibility of modifying a particular gun for a customer. In this case, they may have to work off of a blueprint in order to accomplish the job. Some gunsmiths will work on restoring antique guns while others focus on newer models. When working with antique guns, a gunsmith has to take extreme care in order to ensure that they do not damage the gun. Once a repair is completed on a gun, a gunsmith may be required to test fire the gun to make sure that it works. They may be required to install sights, repair triggers, and replace pads on a gun.

Working Schedule

Most gunsmiths will try to work a regular schedule of a 40 hour work week. However, if a gunsmith is trying to restore or repair gun for a particular customer, they may have to work after hours in order to get the job done. In most cases, the decision to take on extra work will be up to the gunsmith.


The median salary for a gunsmith is approximately $30,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement

Most of the time, a gunsmith will work for a small gun store. Therefore, there is not much opportunity to advance in this field. The one exception is if a gunsmith decides to open up their own business. In some cases, a gunsmith will work for a factory that produces guns. If this is the case, they may be able to move up the ranks to some type of management position. Some people that start out as gunsmiths eventually wind up in a consultant role to gun manufacturers.

Types of Jobs

There are a few different roles that a gunsmith could take. Many of them are self-employed and own their own stores. Other gunsmiths work in conjunction with a store owner. Some gunsmiths also work in a factory setting assembling guns.