Facts about Hematologist Jobs

If you are pursuing hematologist jobs, you could be getting into a great career for the future. Hematologists are always in demand and can find work nearly anywhere in the country. Here are the basics of being a hematologist and what the job entails.

Becoming a Hematologist

The process of becoming a hematologist is a very lengthy one. In most cases, it will take you as long as 10 years to complete the necessary requirements. You will first have to get a bachelors degree. Then you will have to attend medical school like any other doctor. However, after medical school, you will also have to get an advanced degree in hematology. You will also have to pass an examination to receive your medical license. Therefore, if you plan on becoming a hematologist, prepare to be dedicated to the process for the long-term.

Basic Tasks

Hematologists treat blood disorders on a daily basis. They work hand-in-hand with patients that have blood disorders and attempt to come up with a treatment plan for them. You could potentially treat any number of blood disorders. Therefore, you will have to know about blood cells, bone marrow, and all of the blood disorders associated with them. First of all, you will have to evaluate your patient's condition. You will look at their symptoms and try to diagnose them with a condition. From there, you will have to come up with the proper treatment for their disorder. You will also spend a fair amount of time in the laboratory evaluating blood samples. Many hematologists choose to specialize in a certain field and therefore, their responsibilities can vary greatly.

Work Schedule

A hematologist will generally work throughout the week and avoid working on the weekends. You will typically take appointments during the day and be on call at other times. Therefore, at any given time, you might have to work substantially more hours than a normal work week.


Because of the very lengthy process to become a hematologist, this position pays very well. The average hematologist will make approximately $250,000 per year. As your experience grows, your yearly salary will grow as well.

Opportunities for Advancement

The position of hematologist is a very specialized type of job. Therefore, most individuals that pursued a career in this field do not foresee getting out of it in the future. However, the potential to advance in the industry is great. Starting out, you will typically work for a hospital or some other healthcare facility. As you continue to work in the industry, you can develop a good reputation in the field. This will increase the demand for your services as well as your salary overall. Many hematologists that have a lot of experience can command as much a $600,000 per year. Many of these hematologists will also open their own practices. This allows them to be their own boss and still make a great yearly salary.