Facts about Hospital Administrator Jobs

Hospital administrator jobs can provide you with a very rewarding and sought-after career path. Before deciding to be a hospital administrator, you should familiarize yourself with the position. Here are the basics of being a hospital administrator and how to become one.

Becoming a Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators can come from a variety of different backgrounds. In order to qualify for a hospital administrator job, you will have to have the proper education. In most cases, a hospital will prefer candidates to have a Masters degree in a particular area. Some possible choices for a degree are business administration, health services administration, health sciences, or public service administration. Most hospital administrator positions will require you to have some experience working for a hospital first. Therefore, once you leave college, you should get a job in some capacity of hospital management. Then you will be able to move up to hospital administrator down the road.

Basic Tasks

The hospital administrator will perform a variety of tasks on a daily basis. They are in charge of the business operations of the hospital. They will oversee the actions of hospital employees as well as work with them hand-in-hand. A hospital administrator will be in charge of implementing policies that are put into effect by a hospital board. They will also act as a liaison between the many different departments of a hospital. Ultimately, they want to create a team atmosphere in the hospital. The hospital administrator will also be in charge of recruiting doctors and other employees to the hospital. They will also conduct employee evaluations and make personnel decisions.

Work Schedule

In the majority of cases, a hospital administer will stick to a specific work schedule. They may be on the schedule to work the normal 40 hours per week. However, as the job demands it, they will often find themselves working 50 and 60 hours per week. Therefore, you have to be very flexible with this type of job in order to ensure that the hospital is ran correctly.


The size of your salary will greatly depend upon the size of the hospital that you are in charge of. However, on the average, a hospital administrator will make approximately $85,000 a year. On the upper end, you can expect to make as much as $120,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement 

If you want to continue to work for a hospital, there is not much room for advancement. Hospital administrator is the highest position that you can get in most hospitals. However, many hospital administrators move on to other corporate positions that are a step up from their current job. Those that can successfully run a hospital make good candidates to run other corporations. They are good with managing employees, implementing strategies, and overseeing daily operations. Therefore, they often go on to successful careers as CFOs and CEOs of large companies. These companies may or may not be in the medical field.