Facts about Jeweler Jobs

In these tough economic times, there are few select people are bold seekers of jeweler jobs. History teaches that every generation has a few uncommon achievers not moved or influenced by the opinions and common fears of the masses. In the everyday world of sales and manufacturing, the successful independent Jeweler is the "rock star musician" who bet their whole life on a dream come true. One must maintain unstoppable passion in order to be successful in this world full of already successful designers. If your desire is to play it safe, you would choose to work for a large department store jewelry design team and make a name for yourself this way. For those of you who have extreme confidence in your long term success, set your sights on becoming a sole proprietor. The secret to success on your own is having repair knowledge! Jewelers who can repair watches and bracelets with missing links can easily earn an extra $15,000 a year until their actual jewelery sales take off! In general, a common local jeweler can make around $28,000 a year while an uncommon jeweler can make between $100,000-$250,000! It all depends on how personable you and your jewelry are.

Schooling and Opportunity

The best and most common way to become a jeweler is to submit to the mentor-ship of an experienced jeweler. This is where you will invest time in mastering the art of repair and design. These learning years are crucial to your success. Try your best to make your dream known to all you meet. Perhaps someone will invest in your future and you won't need as large of a bank loan! If you desire more formal education, there are special four year colleges of arts and home study courses which will teach you every aspect of this trade. When all of this is said and done you should have the skills to apply to a design studio of your choice! Here you will be able to cultivate and develop your skills and advance to a higher level. In general you may begin making cheap costume type jewelery and with more successful work become the luxurious jewelry creator you desire to be.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Jeweler

When asked, many people believe Jewelry is simply envisioned in the jewelers mind and they begin to create in the same sitting. However, a Jeweler is usually first and foremost a sketch artist! One may spend half of the day sketching out a pair of hoop earrings with a special princess cut diamond design around the rim. In the world of retail, a panel of marketing investors must first be interested in your new design sketch before moving forward to the creative process. Just because you have a great idea in your own opinion doesn't alter the fact that the "expert" opinion comes first. A factory jeweler may work a typical 40 hour week with overtime. Know for sure on the weekends around holidays and other peek times you are highly likely to work overtime.