Facts about Pharmaceutical Marketing Jobs

Pharmaceutical marketing jobs are highly competitive due to the high salary they come with. Pharmaceutical marketing refers to the advertisements and strategies employed for the promotion of the sales of pharmaceutical drugs. Because of the consistent evolution in the field of pharmaceuticals there is a great chance for an exciting and challenging role for a pharmaceutical marketing professional. The marketing personnel in this field may have to do all or some of the tasks like product development, customer services development, coordination of promotional events, customer relations building and educating the public.

Basic Tasks

  • Study the details of each drug, know the product.
  • Devise a marketing strategy for the sales promotion.
  • Identify the physicians to be targeted for each drug under promotion.
  • Build liaison with physicians through promotional activities like gifting, sample drugs, sponsors for education and detailing.
  • Recruit, train, allocate territories and motivate the sales force if you are a manager.
  • Strategize the marketing plans for each drug so that it reaches the target population.
  • Have an idea of the territory activities of the sales team.
  • Follow the current medical research and development in the industry.
  • Coordinate with professional associations and journals to find the latest marketing strategies and their implementation.
  • Understand the regulations in the federal Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule is the normal 40 hour work week. But in times of product launch or promotional events you would have to work extended hours promote your product and to increase business. Those who work as independent consultants have to work hard, certainly in the beginning to build a client base and research databases for themselves.


The wages in the pharmaceutical industry is generally lucrative. The entry level personnel can earn around $38,555 and experienced marketing executives are paid an annual average salary of $65,464. The median wage is $58,513 and these figures are from November of 2009.

Advancement Opportunities

This field has a well defined path for success in the career development ladder. Because of intense competition, moving upward to a higher pedestal is strictly based on your merits and proven skills that you have shown.

Different Types of Pharmaceutical Jobs

Anytime you work in a department, you will need to be a team player. Some of the positions in this marketing field are the Marketing Executive, Marketing Consultant, Market Research Analyst, Marketing Manager, Global Market Research, Marketing Director and Marketing – VP.

Final Advice

Pharmaceutical marketing professionals always are under pressure. They have to develop a plan that can increase the market share of a drug by devising a strategy to reach the right target audience. Launching new products are also another challenge which they have to face on occasion. So those who want to start a marketing career in the pharmaceutical marketing arena should have an ability to face challenges and bring innovative strategies into the limelight.