Facts about Product Marketing Jobs

Product marketing jobs cover a very large range of marketing roles and stages of the marketing process. As the name suggests, this is a specific, product oriented role in practice. The general description of “product marketing jobs” covers the entire range of the process. 

Note: “product marketing jobs” and “product management” are not the same thing. Although there are common elements, product marketing jobs generally relate much more to the physical processes of product marketing rather than product development.

The Work Environment

The basic processes involved in product marketing jobs are called “The Four Ps”, meaning:

  • Product: This is the definition of the product’s range
  • Pricing: The market price range issues.
  • Place: The target market.
  • Promotion: The physical marketing process.

The “Four Ps” cover the entire life cycle of marketing processes. Product marketing jobs are commonly part of this continuum. The work involves a very large range of fundamental marketing roles:

  • Branding
  • Market research
  • Merchandising
  • Advertising
  • Price monitoring

This is the mainstream work of the marketing industry.  The product marketing jobs are usually concerned with specific elements in these areas. These product marketing jobs are also common throughout all levels of marketing, from entry level to senior management roles.

Product marketing jobs are focused on specific client products, either new products or giving facelifts to existing products. The work may involve a complete creative mix of product elements, or a “makeover” job, reinventing a product line.

This work is absolute nuts and bolts experience, using all the defining skill sets  in marketing. It’s essential to learn and participate in the process as part of professional development. The work includes all aspects of marketing:

  • Media production
  • All areas of advertising
  • Brand imaging
  • Distribution and physical market coverage
  • Multiple forms of promotion work

Salary: These jobs cover the entire range of marketing. Salaries depend on experience, qualifications, employer contracts, and types of work.

Hours: Extremely variable, including contract schedules, integrated marketing plans, and market research hours outside normal business hours.

The Career Environment

The product marketing jobs are common elements at all career levels. The experience is also an ongoing delineator of career options. The Four Ps can also be considered as career streams, in terms of progression. The Four Ps product marketing jobs illustrate the integration of the different specialized roles in the industry. Specialists need to work with other specialists. A Product expert will work with the Pricing, Placing and Promotion people.

Career advancement in marketing is rarely simple above the median levels. Marketing careers aren’t necessarily organizational. Freelance work and consultancies are common among specialists.  The internet has made ad hoc marketing networks incorporating other freelancers in advertising and media working propositions for marketing consultants not only viable but very competitive with conventional marketing businesses.

This is a wide open employment and self-employment market, and career advancement is measured in successful promotions. The product marketing jobs are central to this type of business. These jobs are done by specialist marketing experts, entry level organizational interns, and freelance consultancies.

At the top end of the industry, the contract dollar value of product marketing jobs is the usual definition of the success of a marketing business. Whatever the type of personal involvement, careers are begun and made through product marketing jobs.