Facts about Sales Consultant Jobs

Sales consultant jobs are a combination of roles. They can be true multi task positions, requiring a lot of expertise within the various areas of the job. They also contain a strong element of fundamental customer service. These can be particularly high volume, and often, demanding jobs.

The sales consultant job is a frontline public contact role. It’s particularly valuable for people intending to develop careers in an industry, where the experience helps them to learn their market and the consumer issues involved.

The work environment

A typical sales consultant job is structured to cover several different areas of client contact and customer relations:

Sales: This is a primary task, involving getting new business from new and existing clients. As a sales oriented job, it’s also very valuable basic training, providing a full spectrum of structured experience in sales issues and leading to higher positions in sales.

Advisory: This role is very useful for career development. The advisory role relates to product information, , and inquiries regarding consumer situations. The advisory part of the job is also one of the best positions for experience in customer relations in any industry.

Accounts administration: An important basic core business role for all employers. The sales consultant acts as an administrator and also progresses procedural issues like account applications or other transactions.

Customer retention: This part of the job is frequently an area of major emphasis among businesses. This is an area which often leads to senior sales consultant jobs or customer relationship positions.

These jobs can be based in call center types of environments, sales teams, or office environments depending on the industry, volume of work, or type of products involved. Financial management companies, for example, frequently operate their sales consultancies in call center mode because of the large range of customers and products.

Sales consultancies also have different emphases in roles. A sales consultant job may include all of the basic types of work, but be more of one type of work like advisory, rather than sales.

Wages: Highly variable depending on type of work, experience, and industry. Wages tend to be median to low at entry level, progressing to significantly higher packages up the career scale.

Hours: Various ranges including shifts, traveling commissions, and remote working hours, as well as standard business hours. 

The career environment

Sales consultant jobs can develop in career terms in a simple progression from junior to senior positions. This is a relatively common mode of career advancement, particularly at lower level ranges early in a career.

As the career progresses, however, the options for career advancement improve considerably. The lower level jobs don’t allow for much upward mobility, but senior levels permit significant moves, particularly for industry specialists and those with appropriate industry qualifications.

At the middle and senior levels of sales consultancy careers, the job is much more like a true sales job, with equal flexibility and real options for rapid progression.  A financial sales consultant, for example, can develop their career very effectively through experience and a good sales record. A sales consultant who started in a call center environment can therefore progress to sales management and business management as an acknowledged expert with a full range of industry experience.