Family Lawyer Job Profile

With a family lawyer job, you can successfully make a difference in the lives of others as well as enjoy a great career. Here are the basics of being a family lawyer and what you can get out of the job.

Becoming a Family Lawyer

In order to become a family lawyer, you will have to go through a substantial amount of education. After high school, you will need to obtain a bachelors degree. From that point, you will then have to go to law school for another three years. Many lawyers study topics such as English, political science, or criminal justice. Once you graduate from law school, you will have to start preparing for your bar examinations. Each state has their own bar exam that must be passed in order to practice as a lawyer.

Basic Tasks

Family lawyers practice the branch of law that has to do with family relations. They work on things such as divorce, adoption, domestic abuse, child custody, child support, and pre-nuptials. A family lawyer will regularly meet with clients and listen to their situations. They will then provide those clients with advice as it relates to the law. As an adviser, it is up to the lawyer to provide the best information that is available to their clients. The lawyer will then represent their clients in the court of law. They will act on their behalf in order to help them achieve their objectives in court. Lawyers will use their vast legal knowledge to assist them in court by arguing their case against another party. They will regularly interact with judges and jury members. Family lawyers also regularly negotiate with other lawyers that represent the opposing party in a case. Therefore, much of their work will also take place outside of the courtroom. Lawyers interact with people for much of the day. This means that you need to have good public speaking skills and the ability to relate to others.

Work Schedule

Most family lawyers try to stick to a 40 hour work schedule per week. They will have certain hours that they are in their office and will spend time in court as well. If they are researching a case, they may have to work after hours in order to meet a deadline.


The median salary for a family lawyer is approximately $97,000 per year. The more cases you decide to take on, the more money you will be able to make in your field.

Opportunities for Advancement

Family lawyers will have opportunities to advance their careers. Many lawyers choose to go on and pursue a career as a judge after a successful law career. Other lawyers move on to a consultant role in the law arena. Many lawyers also decide to branch into other areas of law besides the area that they specialize in. This allows them to access other opportunities such as becoming a district attorney.