Fashion Journalism Career Information

Fashion journalism is a term for a highly specialized form of journalism, requiring a good knowledge of the fashion industry, lifestyle industry and a wide range of related subjects. Although this type of journalism is ubiquitous, this is a job for experts. 

The Work Environment

Fashion journalism works in a different market to conventional journalism. Fashion news is news, but it's also commercial information for the fashion markets. There's a very strong commercial element in fashion journalism which reflects a range of interests and information content. Fashion journalism covers several streams of fashions:

  • Clothing
  • Women's fashion
  • Children's fashion
  • Men's fashion
  • Accessories
  • Makeup and cosmetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Youth culture
  • Top end markets
  • Modeling and related subjects

Scope of Work

Fashion journalism is really industrial journalism to a very large extent. The need is for information based on commercial content. A top range fashion magazine will include large amounts of information regarding product ranges and designers. The fashion journalist is also often working with publication and media based considerations. Text has to be fitted into advanced presentation layouts, meaning demands for copy quality are very tight.

The more conventional journalism element is in reviews, fashion shows, and interviews. These are also presentation based, but allow more scope for the news elements and reporting. Some fashion journalists are specialists in product types, or specific fields like youth culture. This is a particularly prolific employment field for journalists. The demand for fashion journalism is huge, with every major publisher having some fashion publication in operation, and new material entering the market continuously.

Fashion journalism work is deadline-based without exception, and publication standards are very high. This is an extremely demanding, highly competitive industry, and content quality is the defining force in this form of journalism.

Salary and Hours: Varies based on type of employment, contracts, and employer. Includes multiple additional income options. Irregular, often project or publication schedule based.

The Career Environment

If you know how and where to market your work, you can achieve a truly dazzling career in this field. Fashion journalism is also one of the most wide ranging, most lucrative, forms of journalism. This is a big money industry, and fashion journalists can progress rapidly in either salaried or freelance career modes.

This is a true writer's profession in which your published work is your career track. It defines your earning potentials, and your employment market. Top level fashion journalists may work across a spectrum of publications simultaneously, based on strong credentials within their industries.

Fashion experts do well in this environment, many becoming household names for their columns or reviews. Syndication isn't as common as in conventional journalism, and is usually based on publisher networks. Columnists can earn big incomes and work in a range of roles across their area of expertise. Endorsements and other products can provide additional income streams.