Fashion Photographer Job Profile

A glimpse at a fashion photographer job profile may give you an idea of the lifestyle and demands of a professional fashion photographer. Aspiring fashion photographers may find that there are a number of jobs available in print magazines, newspapers, catalogs, books and online media. The number of fashion photographer jobs are expected to grow as the fashion industry continues to break new grounds. With popular television shows such as "Next Top Model" and "Project Runway", it's no wonder that a job in fashion photography has become in such high demand.

What to Expect in a Fashion Photography Career

It may take many years before the glamorous and lucrative life of a professional fashion photographer pays off. Many budding photographers dream of cover girl photo shoots at glamorous locations, but find that the beginning years can be hard work that requires making sacrifices. Once you've achieved the kind of career you want as professional fashion photographer, the hard work continues. The hours for a fashion photographer can vary from a few hours a day taking photographs to extensive 12 or 14 hour days working to achieve the right look for a project, or meeting with the publications, models and set designers. These hours can by far exceed a forty-hour work week.

How do Fashion Photographers Start Out?

Starting out, many professional fashion photographers begin their career as freelancers or independent contractors. Therefore, they may not see the $100,000 salaries that more established and well known photographers experience. Nevertheless, the median for most fashion photographers is around $50,000 USD a year. Keep in mind that much of their time will be unpaid as they pitch their portfolio or an idea for a photo shoot to a magazine or style editor in the hopes of working with that publication.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Photographer

A typical day for a fashion photographer may start out with searching for photography jobs and contacting past clients and magazines that he or she has worked with. Photographers may start their day with a full schedule; complete with taking photographs of models either in the studio or on location. Professional fashion photographers need to be willing to travel and work between tight deadlines. Part of their day may consist from traveling from one location to the next, adjusting their schedule to accommodate the models and publication they are working with and directing the models, stylists, and lighting crew in order to achieve the proper look for the photo shoot.

Fashion Photography: It's Not Just a Job

Fashion photography is not only a career, for many it's a chance to be creative and show their creative visions through photography. Their skills must require that they are good communicators and able to make the models feel comfortable, they must be able to make quick decisions, be creative with their surroundings, patient, as well as strong marketers and business minded while they are growing their businesses as a professional fashion photographer. A fashion photographer must also be flexible and able to work under stress as well as in various weather conditions.