Fashion Stylist Career Information

Those interested in going for a fashion stylist career should know that there are a world of options. The fashion path you decide to take will depend mainly on your specific interests and skills. Next, we will review some of the most popular choices among fashion stylist jobs. Read on to find out more.

Personal Shoppers: Combine your Passion for Shopping and Style

Personal shopping is one of the most popular choices when it comes to fashion stylist career options. Who wouldn't want to get paid for shopping? Among other responsibilities, personal shoppers are in charge of purchasing different clothing items and accessories for their clients.

One of the most challenging tasks a personal shopper can be assigned is the complete renewal of a wardrobe. People who choose this career not only need to have a strong sense of fashion, but also need to be extremely creative. The average salary for a personal shopper is $30,000 to $57,500 per year.

Image Consultant: Help People Find Their Ideal Look

An image consultant is all about looks and impressions. Most of the times people find they love certain styles, but they just don't fit them. An image consultant is an experienced professional who knows exactly what style will help people create a better impression.

Image consultants come up with different options that can be adapted to different contexts. Sometimes the best look for work is not the best one for a late night date. Image consultants usually charge $100 per hour and are individuals with a great passion for detail.

Fashion Assistants: First Steps in Fashion

A fashion assistant works shoulder to shoulder with well-established fashion stylists. For this reason this is the perfect first step to build up a career in fashion. You will have the opportunity to learn all sorts of things about the business from some of the best professionals in the field.

Even though you cannot expect to make big bucks as an assistant, the good news is that there are plenty of growth opportunities and for those lucky enough to give their first steps in fashion in places like Soho or New York, the possibilities are infinite. 

Makeover Consultants: Pointing People in the Right Direction

When an image consultant is not enough to do the job, a makeover consultant steps up. These professionals are highly creative individuals trained to bring out the best out of anybody. No matter how fashion-challenged a person may be, a makeover consultant will be able to give him or her a brand new look.

Makeover consultants work on people as a painter work on an empty canvas. They take an individual and change their looks completely. They usually make around $60,000 yearly and it is money well-earned: they work out hairdos, make up, clothing and every aspect a person's style.

Fashion stylists are also famous for creating a specific look for photo shoots; so many times they have to work with famous models. It is also very important for fashion stylists to be up to date regarding the latest fashion trends in the industry. For that reason, their education is continuous.