Find a job and earn money in Christmas using your talents

Using your talents to make money during the holidays is one of the most effective ways to raise cash. Not sure what talents you have? Consider some of the following to generate ideas.


One of the most sought after talents during the holidays is decorating. Using your talents can make money by simply setting up and taking down holiday decorations. If you have flair, and an eye for detail and coordination, this could be easy work for you.



If you are creative with your writing, or know Calligraphy, using this talent to make money during the holiday season could not only provide spare cash but also make new friends. This can be done in two ways:

  • Addressing and mailing out holiday cards for other people
  • Creative notes and greetings within the holiday cards


Another unique way of using your talents to make holiday money is with photography and videography. There are many options with this type of service:

  • Family photos/videos in their homes
  • Photos of the kids
  • Corporate videos
  • Corporate holiday parties
  • Personal holiday parties
  • Santa photos and videos
  • Christmas card photos

If you get a large enough gig you could also offer delivery of a keepsake album as well.

Gift Cards

An option for scrapbook enthusiasts as a money maker during the holidays is using the talent making customized gift cards. There is a large market for this type of service. If you do good work, you can supply personalized orders.


If you have a talent for sewing, using your skill during the holidays can make you money while providing a needed item. Blankets can be great sellers to people who either don't have the time to make them, or those who simply want the quality of a hand-crafted blanket. Some of the many ways to make blankets are crochet, knitting and sewing.


This is another talent which you can use to make money during holiday seasons. Many households wish for a helping hand with the cooking and baking. If you are willing to help with the setup, creation, service and cleanup you can most likely find someone willing to hire you.


If one of your talents is using electronics and computers, making money during Christmas holidays is a possibility. With gadgets and computers being popular gifts, the market for people looking to work them will only grow. Here's some ideas of what your talent can be used for:

  • Customize iPods, CD's and phones
  • Tech advice on digital cameras and other electronics
  • Computer set up and training


Using your talents to make holiday money requires some marketing. Finding customers for your service doesn't need to be expensive. There are many easy ways to do this;

  • Make a list - build up a list of all available bulletin boards, churches, schools, civic centers and public areas where you can advertise.
  • Create flyers and cards - create eye catching flyers and business cards to distribute; remember, you will not be the only person advertising
  • Find the marketplace - for crafts this means craft fairs, flea markets, craft malls, co-ops and other retail outlets as well as online
  • Talk yourself up - tell everyone with an ear about your business and talent.

Using your talent can be a money making side line during the holidays if you know how and where to sell what you have to offer.