Finding a job as a language teacher in Pune (India)

India is rich in languages and the language of the city of Pune is called Marathi. The medium of instruction in the schools, colleges and institutes in the city is either Marathi or English. So, a job as a language teacher is easy to find, if you have the specified qualifications. State school salaries for teachers are extremely low and if a teacher is well- qualified in a language, he opts to look for a job in a private school, where he can get job satisfaction and be paid well.

The foreign languages in demand in a growing city like Pune are Japanese and German. With an influx of IT companies and with a large number of foreign companies, especially Japanese and German companies, there is a huge young population wanting to learn foreign languages. Also, the companies sponsor and organize language learning for their staff, so that they can interact with their foreign colleagues.

Hence the demand for foreign language teachers is also immense. If you are looking for a job in a German or a French Language Teaching Institute, the positions are limited. But there are private institutions which have mushroomed in Pune who offer a range of foreign languages and are therefore in need of teachers.

A large number of schools and colleges offer foreign languages too, so French and German are offered as elective subjects. Every English medium school offers a foreign language today.

The best jobs as language teachers are with companies who are permanently in need of foreign language training. To have an in-house trainer makes their planning easier, instead of employing a teacher for every training session. These companies are basically German companies like T-Systems, Doehler, Behr, just to name a few. Of course there are IT companies like Wipro and IBM who constantly need language teachers, because they have business connections with Germany or Japan, as the case may be.

Though many jobs are available today for foreign language teachers, the trend among them is to become freelance trainers, which exposes them not only to schools, college and educational institutes, but also to the corporate world.