Finding a job in the christmas period as a pet sitter

Jobs in the holiday season

This is one of the easier methods of raising cash for the holidays. Pet sitting provides the following benefits as part of the job:

  • Flexible hours
  • Negotiable days
  • No experience (other than with pets)

The only main requirement with this work is a love for all types and kinds of pets; although you will find it mainly is used for dogs and cats.

Job Description

The job of pet sitting during the holidays will involve going into someone's home and caring for the pet when the owner is away. Added services can include plant watering and mail pickup as well. Your service eliminates the need for kennels and stress on the pet. Some of the services you will provide include:

  • Feeding
  • Watering
  • Pill giving
  • Litter box cleaning or dog walking
  • Love


There are many advantages to working as a pet sitter over the holidays. Here are a few:

  • Flexible hours
  • Working from home
  • Can be done part time or full time
  • Meeting new pets and people


As with anything, there are disadvantages which go with the advantages.

  • Long hours - keeping pet routines means keeping early or late hours
  • The holiday rush - during holidays you could be working with up to 15 pets twice a day each
  • No days off - if the owners are away, you must tend to the pets every day
  • Must love pets - this is not something you can negotiate

Insurance Issues

When doing pet sitting, even only for holidays, clients will want to know if you are bonded. Being bonded means that an insurance company will cover you if you enter a house and something goes missing or breaks. Bonding does not protect against something happening with the pet. The cost of this insurance will initially run you per year; but as your list gets larger the insurance cost can raise up to per year. The catch with bonding is that, although it may seem expensive, the ability to gain more and better clients requires it.


This is another type of work which can be done with cheap advertising. Pet sitting over the holidays can find many seekers if you get the word out. Here are some cost effective methods:

  • Bulletin boards - supermarkets, churches and some vets may place flyers for you
  • Craigslist - an online community forum to post free ads
  • Word of mouth - start telling everyone about what your plans are
  • Business cards - hand these out to anyone with an empty hand

Issues and Concerns

As with any type of side business, it is best to keep records for your holiday pet sitting work. Deductions at tax time will make this worth the effort.

  • Log business miles traveled in the car
  • Track gas and auto expenses
  • Business cards can be deductible expenses

Other issues you need to be aware of when pet sitting, are pet centric.

  • Be prepared for messes - pets left alone have been known to destroy furniture, plants and other household items
  • Be prepared for cleaning - pet accidents will happen; other cleaning duties may include paw prints in carpets and messy bedding
  • Pregnant women need to avoid pet sitting until after birth due to the condition toxoplasmosis which is in cat feces.

You will need to follow client instructions specifically. Pet owners can tell when a routine has been altered.