Finding employment as a ski salesman

The ski equipment store is usually the first point of contact that a potential skier has with the exiting and glamorous ski sport. Most of the skiers visit the ski equipment store before they go up the mountain. The ski shop assistant must be able to provide information about weather and slope conditions, equipment required, best ski runs, and possible contests. Even though each ski resort also has its own outlet, you may find many of these retail outlets on the way to the ski resort.

The ski equipment store also gets an income from summer sports such as mountain biking and hiking. The winter sport equipment and clothing is normally sold at lower prices during the summer. Many winter skiers take the opportunity to buy their ski gear during this period. The permanent ski shop assistant should also have an excellent knowledge of other sport equipment and clothing such as inline skate equipment, mountain climbing gear, and cycling.

Job prospects for the ski shop assistant

Working as a ski shop assistant, has its benefits such getting in contact with people from all walks of life and gaining knowledge about the ski industry. There is a great demand for people with knowledge about snowboarding since it is still a relatively new sport. It is currently the most fashionable type of ski sport and if you have experience or are familiar with the sport, you are in demand.

One drawback of working as a ski shop assistant is that you have little time to enjoy outdoor life on the slopes. The average starting salary ranges from $5 to $7.5 an hour but can quickly go up to around $11 an hour. The manager of a ski equipment store can expect a salary of $11-13$ an hour.