Finding employment as a ski support

Most of the job prospects at ski resorts are in maintenance and support jobs. About a quarter of the openings are in ski related positions. The type of support jobs that you can apply for include restaurant work, cleaning, housekeeping, driving, slope maintenance, parking bay attending, electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, call center operation, ticket selling, retail assistance, and reception work. These positions are not as exciting as the ski instruction work but do provide free ski passes and require little experience. And in addition to the above, there are many opportunities available at the ski resorts.

With more than 750 ski destinations in the USA and Canada alone, openings in seasonal work at these holiday establishments increase every year. The competition for attracting visitors result in better equipment, more workers for better customer service, and new appointments of maintenance personnel.

The labor turnover at ski resorts is high, mostly because the workers only see the work as temporary. The employers have tried several methods to retain the employees with potential, including the provision of transport and housing. For those of you who are not certified ski instructors, there are still several types of maintenance and support jobs that you can do.