Finding jobs in Casinos: Race writer supervisor

The race writer supervisor manages the different sport and cashiers and writers or bookies. The bookies normally work shifts of 6 to 8 hours while the race writer supervisor works on flexi time. The races start at 9 in the morning and end one o'clock the next day. There are two supervisors at a time during week days together with six writers and one or two cashiers. The bookies are responsible for exchanging tickets for cash by punching the buttons of the ticket machines. The cashiers do the cash outs to the winners.

There are no special training needed before you can become a race writer supervisor. The most important part is to learn the jargon and then to be able to understand the client's needs. Good customer service skills and the ability to think fast are essential.

It can be stressful at times, especially a few minutes before a race when several customers try to place bets at the same time. The bookies work on a commission base and are paid by the tracks. The bookie gets his money whether the customer wins or loses and as such can be impartial. The customers usually tip the bookies when they win. The bookies come in contact with well-known people and many types of personalities.

The race writer supervisor must teach the rules to new-comers and the bookies. The pressure can be enormous and the person needs to stay calm when a new player doesn't understand the rules or blame one of the bookies for his losses. The bookies schedule their own rest periods. Most of the applicants have no experience when they start as bookies and learn everything on the go. The only requirements are people skills and a head for mathematics; the rest can be taught.