Finding part time christmas jobs

You have decided to get a part time Christmas job this year. Did you know that many retailers and service jobs are filled before the middle of November? Did you know that there are jobs outside of the retail and service sectors which rely heavily on part-time Christmas help? Here are a few tips to the when, how, and where to look for part time Christmas jobs.

When to Look

One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for part time Christmas jobs is starting their search too late. Long before consumers think shopping, managers are thinking of how to handle them. Here's a few guidelines to use when thinking of a part time Christmas job.

  • Start thinking about it at the beginning of October
  • Start applying before the end of the first week in November
  • Aim for interviews by no later than mid-November

Retail, warehouse, call center and delivery companies need to have their staff in place and trained by the third week of November.

How to Look

When looking for a part time Christmas job, there are many different ways to find a job.

  • Check the classifieds - most new jobs show up on Fridays and could include any jobs missed in other ways
  • Look up websites - every large company has a website; most of them have a way to apply online.
  • Get into a temp agency - getting your name onto their list will give you a shot at any jobs they get
  • Networking - look for any opportunities around you; people and ideas are everywhere
  • Asking - even if it seems cheesy, this method can lead to possibilities in jobs such as babysitting, house cleaning, and other service fields

Where to Look

While everyone has seen the overworked clerk in the retail store during the season, this is not the only part time Christmas job out there. Here's a list of possibilities.

  • Warehouse
  • Delivery
  • Temp office help
  • Christmas tree farm help
  • Photo with Santa gig
  • Factory
  • Fill-in bartender or extra
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Dishwasher
  • Stockroom
  • Cleaning services
  • Call centers
  • Hair dressers
  • Retailers
  • Photographers

All of these areas can yield part time Christmas jobs as they are all a part of the holiday season in one way or another.

If you assess your skills, and know what you are willing and able to do, finding a part time Christmas job simply takes effort. But you must start thinking of how and where you will look as soon as summer ends because the hiring process for Christmas will start within weeks after this. As a general rule, if you start to see Christmas sale ads, you may have waited too long.