Finding work on a Saturday

There are a lot of avenues among teen jobs for teens to get productively engaged if they wish to. Among them the Saturday jobs are an option. What are Saturday jobs? Simple jobs that are weekend based ' they may involve Saturday and Sunday, or only Saturday as the day of work and these have their own niche in jobs for teens. These teen jobs are in high demand because weekends many places do brisk business and the owners of malls, eateries, book shops, households (for baby-sitting or gardening) need a few low cost extra hand that can help manage the influx of work.

In order to land these teen jobs you need to establish good network and also cover a lot of ground. You have to find out where people hang around more during weekend, which families like to socialize on weekends, which joints welcome teen jobs and offer your candidature. Many times, an adult will be impressed when they see that a teenager did ground work before approaching them for a job. You earn not only a job, but also a good amount of their respect.

Another way of getting engaged is creating jobs for teens. Set up your business alone or with a group of your like-minded friends. There are a great many things that you can start as a business ' such as:

1. Pet care:
In case you love animals and have a way with them, you could offer contract to your neighborhood with certain services that you could do for their pets ' like taking them out in the morning, grooming them at regular intervals, cleaning their litter boxes, and looking after them when the family goes for vacation. These services can be offered for a fixed amount of fees ' which will give complete peace of mind to the pet owners ' and good to you.

2. Start a local community paper:
You will need a computer and a printer and a lot of talent and a ear for news (as separate from gossip) and you can have a very beautiful local community paper. There you could advertise teen jobs (appealing teens to buy it and adults pay you for ads), you could give local useful news (which cannot be available form newspapers) like where good discounts are available, where hobby clubs are open, which discotheques are good, and local movie and eatery reviews, garage sales, and so on. Keep it short, informative and add a bit humor and intrigue to it with nameless gossip (be careful to keep it clean) and you have a solid business in the making.

3. Party planner and catering service:
There are lot eateries available, true. However, if you offer snacks home-baked and sandwiches, and are able to organize nice parties with decorations, invitations, themes, etc ' you are in as a party planner. There will always be some people who would like someone to take care about the nitty-gritty of a party planning. This is a business which may start slow as you will have to prove your managerial prowess before being trusted with big partie, but it won't take long befoe getting a name here ' and you can earn some great money.

4. Start a plant nursery:
For this you need to love plants. It is relatively easy to get sapling of the seasonal flowers and sell them to plant lovers. You could even offer to plant them yourself for an additional fee. The plants really need very little attention and the returns are great.