First job

Hands all sweaty, nervous, feel extremely dry in your month wondering where you going to look for your first job? Everyone has been there; looking for your first Job could definitely be a bit challenging.

The first best place to start would be to sit and organizing yourself in an organized and orderly fashion in preparation of your first job hunt. A bit of early preparation always helps and comes in handy.

Organization and Preparing

Before getting about doing anything, you need to put some information together about yourself in an organized fashion which you could present to your prospective employer. For this you need to collect information about yourself, your skills, your passions, societies that you're involved in, any informal or volunteer work that you have been involved in etc. Even if these were not so called 'Real' jobs, these would add value in showing what you are capable of.

Once you have collected all necessary information, you need to present it in an orderly and organized fashion which we namely call making you Curriculum Vitae or resume. It would be best to get samples of CVs or Resumes that are used in your country to prepare your resume in a similar style.

Once you have done that you can start your interesting journey of job hunting.

Looking into areas of Interest

Looking into what your areas of interest is very important before looking for your first job. It is important to get in to a job that you love because it wouldn't motivate you otherwise, and you would want to quit even before u start. So begin by asking yourself whether you would love to move with a lot of people everyday (customer service oriented jobs) or whether you'd like to be alienated (working in warehouse or becoming a data entry operator etc)

Let the Hunt BEGIN…

Now start looking into classifieds for jobs that appeal to your liking, make a list of all the possible places. The best place to start looking would be news papers and magazine which are showered with many classified for job vacancies. There are also websites that are dedicated for first job placements.

Once you have decided on the places you want to apply send in your CV or resume. Since it's your First job, don't expect a reply overnight. But don't let any delays get you down as well.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind;


After a few days, follow-up on your application with a phone call and inquire in a formal and polite manner. If your application was handed out in person, drop by and inquire about the opening.

Multiple applications

Don't just choose one place and hope that you would get the job, apply for many places and follow up on them until you succeed.


Be flexible with your availability. You are more likely to be landed a job, if you are flexible in the shifts that you work.

Dress Code

Always dress appropriately show respect to others. When you are applying for a job or attending an interview, always dress as though you have already got the job.

Don't lose heart

You first job might be a bit hard to come by, due to the lack of skills and experience. Don't give up or lose heart even if the place you want doesn't come through. Keep looking and applying and finally you will succeed. Never forget the quote, 'If there a will there is always a way.'