Flight Nurse Job Profile

A flight nurse job will provide you with the opportunity to assist patients in critical condition. There is a high demand for quality flight nurses in today's medical field. Here are the basics of being a flight nurse and what you should expect from the job.

Becoming a Flight Nurse

In order to become a flight nurse, you will have to go through the proper educational process. This will involve undergoing formal training in order to become a registered nurse. You will have to first get your high school diploma and then apply to a registered nursing program. You can obtain the education to become a registered nurse by attending a two-year associates degree program or a four year bachelors degree program. You will go through a substantial amount of classroom and on-the-job training during this process. Once you have completed your formal education, you will have to obtain your licensing to practice as a registered nurse. This involves taking an exam known as the NCLEX-RN. This is administered on a state level and will provide you with your registered nurse license. If you do not pass the test, you can typically take it again within one to two months.

After you are certified as a registered nurse, you will be able to obtain a job in a hospital setting. From there, you can train to become a flight nurse. This will involve going through training exercises that involve transporting patients in a helicopter or airplane.

Basic Tasks

Flight nurses perform a variety of activities in order to assist their patients. Many flight nurses will deal with very serious cases involving potentially fatal injuries. Most of the time, a helicopter will not be called out unless you are dealing with a very serious accident. Therefore, you have to be willing to work with some pretty bad cases. You will have to assess the patient's condition as well as provide them with the proper medication or treatment in order to keep them in a stable condition until you reach the hospital. You might have to administer an IV, address a wound, or perform other types of treatment.

Work Schedule

A flight nurse will typically try to work a 40 hour work schedule per week. Flight nurses are required 24 hours a day, therefore, you may have to work nights, weekends, and holidays. You may have to be on call during potentially busy times as well.


The median annual salary for a flight nurse is approximately $67,000 per year.

Opportunities for Advancement

As a flight nurse, you will be eligible for certain chances for advancement. You might be able to move up to a management role over other flight nurses in your medical facility. Some flight nurses are also recruited to work for individual companies other than hospitals as well.

Looking for a Job

If you are currently in the market for a flight nurse position, you need to check out www.hospitaljobsonline.com. This site has some great job listings as well as other pertinent information for those seeking employment.