Florist Job Profile

In a florist's job, you have to creatively arrange flowers to make bouquets and other kind of decorative pieces depending on the occasion and theme. Information given below will help you understand a florist's job in a better way.

Skills Required

If you want to become a florist, you should know about different varieties of flowers, decorative plants, understand the texture and smell of flowers among other things.  Other than this particular knowledge, ability to create different designs of bouquets or other decorative pieces is essential. Some amounts of interpersonal skills are also essential.

Basic Tasks/Activities

  • Prepare an array of floral display within the store and for the shop’s window or corridor.
  • Condition and trim the flowers and foliage for keeping them fresh.
  • Help customers in selecting suitable flowers and plants for various occasions.
  • Take a daily stock of the stored floral materials and place order of flowers and other essential supplies.
  • Pricing different floral arrangements depending on various factors.
  • Handling incoming calls or fax orders and arrange for their delivery.
  • Train new recruits.
  • Arrange door step delivery of flowers to regular customers in offices, banks, hospitals and homes.
  • Arrange flowers as per the theme at the venue of the party or any other occasion.
  • Taking appointment with clients (for bulk orders) to discuss the occasion and its theme so that appropriate flowers can be selected to create decorative pieces.
  • Give ideas, tips and advices to customers for taking care of the plants or floral arrangements.
  • Managing the store and staff with different work schedule so that you have adequate staff during operational hours.

Work schedule

Generally, full-time florists work 40 hours a week. But if you work for a store/company with extended service hours, then you might have to work in shifts or even during weekends. If you own the florist shop yourself, then you might have to work for long hours and in a flexible mode. The work hours also get influenced by influx of orders for weddings, conferences, birthday parties and similar occasions.  

Earning Potential

Experience of 1 to 4 years enables you to earn an annual salary of $20,635 to $27,469. Like any other job, the salary increases as you gain the experience. However, those with an excellent creativity, knowledge and marketing abilities tend to earn more than others by setting up their own store.  

Growth Chart

Start your career as a florist by associating yourself with a small florist shop. After you have received enough on-the-job training in the arrangement, you can always look for better job prospects with larger shops or companies. You also can start a flower shop on your own if you have a good liaison with customers and suppliers. This however needs financial backing too. Else, after gaining considerable experience, specialize in one area like themed wedding parties, or corporate parties and get the work done with the help of a small team. You can also associate yourself with wedding planners or event managers and work on freelance basis.