For profit to non profit jobs

For many people, working a regular job may seem like an endurance race with no finish line. They can't understand the for-profit workplace for a variety of reasons.

  • No one is benefiting from the companies existence except the owners
  • No feeling of accomplishment
  • No apparent reason for the companies existence other than profit

Working for a non-profit organization gives people a different view. There are people who benefit, there is a reason the organization exists and there is a sense of accomplishment by people involved with the organization.

Possible Issues

Some issues to consider when moving from a for-profit job to a non-profit job.

  • Pay rate - the pay scale of a non-profit job will be lower than a similar position in the for-profit workplace.
  • Scheduling - schedule changes and split shifts, along with long hours are very common in the non-profit workplace because of the sometimes sporadic need.
  • Benefits for healthcare will be rare

How to Test the Water

If you want to work in a non-profit organization, but have never done so before. There are easy steps to take which will allow you to see if non-profit work is right for you.

  • Find an organization which you would be interested in and do volunteer work.
  • Research the jobs which interest you and