Jobs For Teens - Campaign Aide

Many teens were caught up in the passion of the recent presidential election. You must be eighteen years of age or older to vote, but you can be any age to help out on a presidential campaign! Many young people think that because eighteen is the voting age, that is also the required age for working on a campaign. This is not true! Volunteers can be of any age. While recently working this campaign, I saw young people of all ages.

A young person can be staged as a receptionist at the headquarters to greet people, answer phones, and answer general questions from the public. Another option is allowing a young person to work phone banks to speak to local voters and to recruit volunteers. Young people serve as a good point of contact to mobilize other young people and can even motivate other adults, so having them knock on doors with others is yet another activity.

There are many secretarial duties within the headquarters that need tending to that a young person can assist with, such as data entry. All of these not only can help the candidate they wish they could vote for, but it is also relevant work experience that could help later in life and a great way to meet some interesting contacts! All of the work experience a young person gets should be treated no differently than that of an unpaid internship. In the same respect, a young person should go out of their way to behave professionally and learn what they can.