Free Scholarship Essays

There are plenty of free scholarship essay links and sites, but you need to check out what you want, and any terms and conditions.

The first thing you’ll see is a series of promises, references, and possible hopes and dreams.

Basic approach: Check out everything.

Find out what your commitments and obligations are, and what services you’re supposed to be getting from providers.

You’re much better off contacting scholarship providers directly. Third parties are often not much more than link factories, not doing a lot themselves, but trying to generate business. is a good example. Registration required, a lot of selling of products.

As in the other cases, this is a service which may not achieve very much, if anything. You can get this advice from career counselors, advisory sites, and other free services.

Some, like, are pretty basic, very little content, some “advice” of the very basic, useless, non-qualitative variety. It’s also a corporate site, a subsidiary of Sallie Mae Inc. Essentially it promotes Sallie Mae scholarships.

You can use up a lot of time on essay advice, and get nothing of value.

It should be free, because you wouldn’t pay for most of it.