Freelance Business Writer Job Profile

As a freelance business writer, you have to provide business articles and other materials in specified formats. This requires an adequate amount of expertise and a lot of background research on business writing. You could be involved in both internal and external communication for companies. On behalf of businesses, you may be responsible for developing written communication addressed to the public or other organizations.

Basic Job Responsibilities

As a freelance business writer, some of your responsibilities would include:

  • researching, writing and editing complex business and technical data;
  • creating and maintaining procedures, manuals and other business documents;
  • creating and maintaining training materials and installation instructions;
  • designing style guidelines in consistency with business needs;
  • creating and compiling software document packages;
  • reviewing and revising documents by other writers;
  • determining resources and budget constraints;
  • writing documents consistent with established business guidelines and standards;
  • evaluating and recommending any revision, if necessary, to meet the standards and guidelines; and
  • providing writing and editing support to others.

Types of Business Writing

As a business writer, you would have to write a broad range of business materials. The different materials have very specific formats that have to be followed. The various options include these:

  • newsletters--These require a journalistic approach. They are intended to promote the management’s message for its employees or clients.
  • memos and letters--These require the use of a professional tone. Moreover, the content has to be clear, unambiguous and precise.
  • proposals and reports--These materials have strict formats and should be judiciously composed. Reports are of various types and have varying scopes; they may include progress, feasibility or research reports.
  • Power Point presentations--These provide a visual interpretation of the information to be communicated.
  • press releases, marketing brochures or advertising copy--These require sales and promotion skills.

Desired Skills

  • ability to provide clients with professional, clear and concise business communications
  • ability to maintain a working and professional knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which will help you to optimize articles and attract more visitors to the website content
  • adequate marketing and promoting skills to enable your client and stimulate business growth
  • desire to support your client’s success

Career Opportunities

Creating a website that represents your portfolio and published work will attract potential clients. Your portfolio might include articles written on books, product descriptions and company profiles. Enhancing your business writing skills will always be an advantage in this field. Signing up for various freelance business writing websites would be beneficial. This would assist you in applying for and being cognizant of various potential projects and opportunities.