Freelance Copywriter Job Profile

Getting a freelance copywriter job could provide you with a great opportunity to work your own schedule and earn a solid wage. Freelance copywriters work in a variety of situations and provide a lot of service for their clients. Here are the basics of being a freelance copywriter and what you should expect from the job.

Becoming a Freelance Copywriter 

The process of becoming a freelance copywriter works a little differently for everyone. Most people start out with a formal education first. You will need to do your high school diploma and then consider moving on to a college education. Many copywriters obtain degrees in marketing or advertising. In order to be qualified to be a copywriter, you will have to take several classes in advertising, writing, English and many other subjects. You need to develop your skill as a writer and understand the basics of marketing.

After completing their formal educations, many freelance copywriters start out by getting positions as copywriters with ad agencies. This gives them the necessary experience that they need in order to work as freelance copywriters in the future. While you are working at your job, you can take on freelance projects on the side. Many people who are looking for freelance jobs check out websites such as These sites allow those that need copywriting jobs done to meet up with freelance copywriters. You can bid on jobs and complete work on your own schedule. Eventually, if you do a good job, you will be able to develop a sizable clientele. This will allow you to get into being a freelance copywriter full time.


A freelance copywriter is ultimately trying to please his or her clients. You will have to be able to brainstorm and come up with good ideas for quality ad copy. You will then need to write the copy and submit it to the client for approval. You may have to fax or e-mail contracts to your clients. You will spend time speaking with your clients over the phone or through e-mail about their projects. You will also have to conduct a fair amount of research in order to put out a good product for your client.


As a freelance copywriter, your salary could vary greatly from others in your field. However, the average freelance copywriter can make between $40,000 and $70,000 a year. Your salary will depend greatly on how much you want to work and how many clients you serve.

Types of Jobs

Freelance copywriters perform a variety of jobs for many different types of clients. You might work for brick-and-mortar businesses that need some quality ad copy at a reasonable price. You might also find yourself working with clients through the Internet in order to help them develop their websites. As a freelance copywriter, your opportunities for work are endless.