Freelance Editor Job Profile

As a freelance editor, you work from your home office with sometimes a flexible schedule. You maintain the responsibility of checking articles for relevance, quality, grammar, spelling, punctuation, plagiarism and format in the submitted contents. These editors have to work towards achieving high standards in the development stage to result in strong content before publishing.

Qualifications/Skills Required

Graduation from any accredited college is enough for becoming a freelance editor. However, you can obtain a better niche or advantage over others when you have graduated in English, journalism, history, communications or a disciplines like these. To become an editor of scientific articles, books or other materials, a master’s or doctoral degree in the respective field may be necessary.

Apart from this, a freelance editor must possess self-discipline, initiative, an excellent grasp of English and writing experience. On-the-job training in editing is essential for becoming a freelance editor.


The actual responsibilities of a freelance editor can change with the type of organization one is employed with. Here, though, are a few common duties of a freelance editor:

  • Analyze the caliber, nature and sociocultural position and background of the audience for which the article is targeted.
  • Study and understand the quality and format of the required text.
  • Plan and assign the target for freelance writers.
  • Read, review and prepare edited manuscripts of the submitted articles or other texts.
  • Organize and format the articles with necessary add-ons like images and graphics to make them look appealing and informative.
  • Coordinate with the writers to produce the text in the required type and format.
  • Liaise with publishers and writers to produce the articles or publishing materials as per the specified standards.
  • Suggest ideas and ways of improvement to the writers in case of badly written articles.
  • Check the facts presented in the article for accuracy and relevancy.
  • Ensure plagiarism never occurs.


The wages of freelance editors vary widely with the type of publishers and the type of work (basic editing, heavy editing, line editing, developmental editing, newsletters, books and so on) done. The rate is either fixed based on number of words or on the number of effective hours put in. On an average, though, a freelance editor can expect an hourly rate of $10 to $18. Some experienced editors are paid on a project basis, and the actual pay for the experience you possess can be found with the help of

Types of Jobs

You can start as an editorial assistant and then advance to assistant editor, associate editor and finally to senior editor or editor in chief. Freelance editors with technical or business publication articles might have a superior future if compensation is the sole criteria. is an online job search site that specializes in freelance jobs and professions. You can find a suitable site to work with as a freelance editor with the help of this site.

Final Word

Freelance editors must have an ability to juggle multiple tasks plus excellent time management and decision making skills. If you feel optimistic about your ability to spend your days focusing on minute details and being consistently self-disciplined, then this may be the right choice to make.