Freelance Fashion Designer Career Potential

A freelance fashion designer could be a rewarding career for those who are creative, live all things fashion and are talented in their own rite.

Starting out in the industry can be difficult, but there are other potential places a freelance fashion designer career can take you. Some of these options might work out well if you cannot seem to get your foot in the door working for a big name fashion designer once you have finished fashion design school.

Full time vs. Freelance

A freelance fashion designer is typically an independent agent who represents himself. He usually works for himself and has various clients or contracts with others. In contrast, working as a full time fashion designer employee or on staff at a company, the designer works closely with the company he represents. Some full time positions may include health benefits and other amenities, while a freelance position usually does not offer any amenities or perks.

Here are seven potential places a freelance fashion designer might be able to spread his/her fashion wings.

Seek Apprenticeships

Seek out local fashion designers who are also just starting out and perhaps have only a few years under their own belt. Ask around or do an web search for local designers in your area who might be interested in taking you under their wing. Local fashion designers might also be listed among trade organizations and area fashion groups.

Costume Design

Many freelance fashion designers get their start working with theater companies who need a costumer or designer for wardrobe. Check out your neighborhood or city theater companies and contact the stage manager or director for any potential openings. Share your fashion background and expertise so the person knows what you are capable of and how oyu might fit in with the production.

Department Stores

Contact department store buyers and ask if they are hiring or need freelance designers. Many department stores have their own labels and fashion lines that might need your creativity.

Become a Fashion Writer

Browse through local newspapers and magazines fashion sections and contact the fashion editors. They may need an assistant who knows the industry or has the background in the field to assist them daily. They may also have important contacts that they could eventually share with you that you could contact.

Museum Curator

Some city museums have fashion departments or sections that need a curator to run things. If you have a degree to teach, as well as a background in fashion and its history, this might be an alternate career option for you.

Become a Stylist

What better way to showcase you own clothing, as well as your intellect for the fashion world than by becoming a stylist. Celebrities and movie stars are not the only ones who hire stylists; many CEOs and business professionals are in need of someone to make sure they are dressed appropriately day in and day out.

Fashion Buyer

If you can’t get a position with a top designer immediately, think about becoming a buyer for a boutique or larger department store chain. You may not be designing any clothing, but you can showcase your knowledge and talents in a different manner – buying clothing for the masses or a single homemaker.