Freelance Flash Designer Job Profile

As a freelance flash designer professional, you are supposed to make use of Adobe Flash to develop multimedia projects. Flash is a graphics multimedia program to be used specifically on the web. It provides you with a tool to create animated and interactive websites. As a freelance flash designer, you will have to create interactive websites. Designing effects like text navigation, animation, video and audio will be your field of expertise.

Required Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree in graphics design will be helpful in the long run. The program consists of Flash design courses and design theory classes.
  • Before graduation, get yourself registered for visual arts and computer science courses. Three-dimensional design and art history should be the subjects to focus on.
  • Have an understanding of the Internet and its embedded technologies. Knowledge of HTML and other basics regarding the building of a web page are essential.
  • Get certified as an Adobe Flash designer. The certification is available at multiple levels.
  • Practice the learned skills on PC and Mac computers since most of the firms use Mac to do Flash work.
  • Explore the knowledge gained as a Flash designer in fields such as videos, online materials and other such resources.

Basic Duties

Your duties as a freelance flash designer will be:

  • Creating interactive web pages using Flash.
  • Creating effects for audio, text, video and animation.
  • Developing rich Internet applications using ActionScript
  • Production of enormous interactive web pages and its uses.
  • Inventing your own graphic design theories and implementing those on the web pages.
  • Supporting others in multimedia content presentation.

Work Environment and Salary

As a freelance flash designer, you would be hired by advertising, publishing or other related firms. Usually, you would be working on a contract. You would have to make adjustments to your schedule to suit the client’s requirements and deadlines. You may have to work extra time for meeting the schedules of production. The deadlines tend to be short in the publishing and printing industries.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of a flash designer is $42,000, as of May 2008. The average salary at entry level as a Flash designer, in the year 2008, is $35,000, according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Job and Advancement Opportunities

To start your career as a freelance Flash designer, you first must create an online portfolio which showcases your flash design skills. Subscribing to websites that are involved in graphic design is a wise decision. Website like lists various opportunities as a Flash designer. Create a compilation of the various Flash projects that you have completed. Upload them on your personal website to attract employers.

You may also work with a traditional advertising agency as a Flash designer. You may take help and involve other fellow designers to set up your own business. With experience, your demand with other interactive media like mobile phones and similar technologies will increase. Opportunities in web marketing and promotions would increase in the near future.