Freelance Interior Designer: Job Profile

Becoming a freelance interior designer can provide you with an opportunity to help businesses and individuals as well as make a good living for yourself. Freelance interior designers work in a variety of settings and provide many different services for their clients. Here are the basics of being a freelance interior designer.

Becoming a Freelance Interior Designer

In order to become a freelance interior designer, you will need to obtain the proper education first. This will start out by completing your high school diploma. You will then need to move on to a formal interior design program. There are interior design-specific programs that last from 2 to 3 years. You could also go to an accredited university and get a bachelor's degree. Some people also choose to pursue a master's degree or doctorate in interior design. 

You could then need to go through an apprenticeship program with a qualified interior designer. This process takes anywhere from 1 to 3 years to complete. Many freelance interior designers also start out by getting jobs with an interior design company or architect. Working in the industry for a few years will give you the experience that you need to make it on a freelance basis.

Once you are ready for freelance jobs, you can check out websites such as These sites will allow you access to freelance jobs that are provided by clients that need your services. You can start out small and eventually build up a nice clientele to work with.


As an interior designer, you will be in charge of planning and decorating the insides of buildings. Many interior designers choose to specialize in certain areas such as businesses, residential homes or hospitals. As a freelance interior designer, you will need to be able to communicate with your clients in order to ascertain their individual needs. You will then come up with a plan to decorate the space for your client. You will recommend finishes and treatments for all areas of the space. You might have to select paint, choose a flooring style or help select cabinets.

Some interior designers are given freedom to design and complete a project on their own. If you have this opportunity, you will select all of the materials that are necessary for a job, and you will be in charge of making sure that they are installed in the area. You will also need to be able to draw up sketches or designs in order to help your clients visualize what a finished room will look like. You will also need to present your clients with color swatches, flooring samples, pictures and other information to help them make decisions when choosing what they want a space to look like.


As of 2009, the median salary for a freelance interior designer is approximately $40,000 per year. As you progress in the industry and gain clients, you will be able to increase your salary.