Freelance Logo Designer Job Profile

In order to become a freelance logo designer, you must be a creative, experienced graphics designer proficient in using logo designing software. Freelance logo designers bid on and acquire designing projects and design the logos for various business and non-business entities from their homes. Nearly all commercial as well as nonprofit organizations use a unique logo for promoting themselves and to create brand equity. Conventionally, advertising agencies or design firms do this work. However, their fees are exorbitant. Thus, many small- and medium-scale organizations, start-ups and entrepreneurs prefer to hire freelance logo designers for their logo designing work.


There are no hard and fast educational requirements to become a freelance logo designer. However, some design agencies prefer graduates in graphics design when they hire freelance logo designers. If you are good at designing, get hired by a small printing house or a marketing firm to get hands-on experience in logo designing. Get acquainted with logo designing software like InDesign, AAA Logo and LogoSmartz. Once you complete the required qualifications or get enough experience, prepare a portfolio of your designs. For work as a freelance logo designer, go to, a comprehensive freelance job search site that assists people in finding a suitable client or agency to work with. Bid for the projects illustrated on this site by submitting your portfolio.


  • Browse through websites and bid for the logo designing projects, submitting your portfolio and references for your previous projects on logo designs.
  • Study the industry, missions and goals, products, target customers/audience and services of the organization for which a logo has to be designed.
  • Start developing the logo using the templates available in the logo developing software.
  • Prepare a rough draft of various sample logos and submit them to the project providers.
  • Improvise the approved sample so that the logo is both unforgettable and appealing.
  • Work for the compliance of the logo in the gray and color scale.
  • Convert the logo into various file formats like JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, and EPS and vector EPS.
  • Add special effects to the logo and insert tag lines if they are asked for.
  • Submit the logo in the agreed-upon format within the agreed-upon time frame.

Freelance logo designers have to pay lot of attention to fonts, special effects and the message projected by the logo.


As a freelance logo designer, you will be working for web agencies or graphics designing agencies. In the freelance mode of working, the fee is usually fixed before the project is awarded to you. As of March 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the average annual salary of a freelance logo designer falls in the range of $37,727 to $57,578. Since most of your work will be procured through the bidding process, maintaining a proper portfolio of your work is also important. Networking with other freelance logo designers through forums and websites like will also help in getting lucrative and large-scale projects.