Freelance Medical Writer Job Profile

The job of freelance medical writer is a very important one in the medical field. Medical writers perform a number of different duties and work in many different environments. Here are the basics of being a freelance medical writer.

Becoming a Freelance Medical Writer

In order to become a freelance medical writer, you will have to perfect your craft as a writer and gain some knowledge in the medical field. While it is not required, you should consider getting a bachelor's degree before trying to work as a freelance medical writer. This process will typically take about four years. During college, you should take as many writing classes as you can. Many medical writers choose to pursue an education in English or literature. You might want to focus on technical writing classes as well.

Some medical writers start out as other medical professionals first. For example, some of them have training in nursing or medical research.

In order to start working as a freelance medical writer, you should check out freelance websites such as On this website, you can see many different jobs that are available. Employers will post freelance jobs that they need done, and freelance workers will bid on them. Therefore, if you win the bid on a particular job, you will be able to complete that task. The employer will then pay you on a job-by-job basis. The more jobs that you complete successfully, the better feedback you will have on your profile. This will help you get future freelance jobs.


Medical writers are called upon to write a number of different documents in the medical field. They are commonly utilized in research settings in order to convey the results of a research study. They need to be able to convey the results in terms that the average person can understand. You will have to be able to work closely with doctors and other medical professionals in order to obtain information for your writing projects. You will need to have a basic understanding of medical terminology. Many medical writers also work in the pharmaceutical industry in order to create reports about new drugs and clinical trials. As a medical writer, you may be called on to perform research on certain topics in order to be able to convey information directly in a medical report. You may have to interview research personnel in order to gain information about a particular study. You will have to write a report as needed and then submit a draft to the research team or company that hired you. They may request certain changes to the report and ask you to revise the draft.


The median salary for a freelance medical writer is approximately $54,000 per year, as of 2009. However, this will depend greatly on how many projects you work on throughout the year.