Freelance Paralegal: Job Profile

Becoming a freelance paralegal can allow you the opportunity to work within the legal system and make a difference in the lives of others. Lawyers rely on paralegals to perform many activities that are necessary for their cases. Here are the basics of being a freelance paralegal and what the job entails.

Becoming a Freelance Paralegal

There are a few different ways that you could potentially become a freelance paralegal. You will need to go through the necessary training in order to work as a paralegal. Most paralegals go through an associate's degree program at a community college. Other colleges offer a four-year bachelor's degree program for paralegals. If you already have a college degree, you can also obtain a certificate in paralegal studies. Some lawyers' offices will actually train paralegals on the job as well.

After your training, you might decide to get some experience by working in a lawyer's office. This will provide some real world experience for you to draw on when you become a freelance paralegal.

As you are working as a paralegal, you can start to do freelance jobs on the side. You can find freelance jobs by visiting freelance websites such as With these types of websites, you can look at jobs that employers have posted on the site. You can then bid on these freelance jobs against other freelancers. When you win a bid, you will be able to contact the employer and complete the job for them. If you do the job well, you will receive good feedback and it will be easier for you to win future bids.


Paralegals provide a variety of different services for lawyers. Freelance paralegals might be assigned to research the facts in a particular case. This might be done by conducting interviews, observing crime scenes and using any number of other investigative techniques. Many paralegals will be assigned to perform legal research in the library as well. You will have to be able to find information about law cases and other legal facts. Many paralegals also conduct research with legal software or through the Internet. Many paralegals also have the responsibility of helping the lawyers that they are working for prepare for cases. As a freelance paralegal, you might work with the same lawyer until a particular case is finished. If you do a good job, the lawyer will usually continue to bring you back for more work. Many paralegals also choose to specialize in a particular area of the law such as personal injury or family law.


The median salary for a freelance paralegal is approximately $46,000 per year.

Types of Jobs

As a freelance paralegal, you may be able to work in a variety of capacities. The most common scenario involves working with a law office. However, there are also jobs for paralegals in corporate law departments. Paralegals are also frequently needed in various government departments and offices.