Freelance Project Management Jobs: What to Expect

Freelance project management jobs let you to define, plan, organize, execute and manage all related resources in order to bring projects to successful completions. You have to apply modern managerial techniques to execute projects and assist in obtaining predetermined goals and objectives. The success or failure of a project depends on the efficiency of the project manager, and hence, as a freelance project manager, you may get more job satisfaction when your projects succeed.


Educational qualifications depend on the type of project you want to handle. You should have completed at least an undergraduate degree related to the field in which you want to work. Obtaining a graduate degree in management or project management studies will be an added advantage for your career. Apart from the educational qualifications, to become a freelance project manager, you must have good interpersonal and communication skills. You must also possess integrity and excellent analytical, organizational, problem solving and team development skills to succeed in this career.


  • At the outset, study and understand the project, its nature and the goals and objectives to be attained.
  • Analyze the constraints (budget, resources, time and scope) specific to the project.
  • Plan and organize all required resources to execute and manage the project throughout its life cycle.
  • Plan the steps of execution for the project within the determined constraints and goals.
  • Coordinate and delegate individual tasks to a team of assistants.
  • Brainstorm with others in the organization for innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Follow up with the team for the timely completion of the tasks in different phases.
  • Keep alternative plans to be used in the case of failure or delay in any of the steps in the project execution.
  • Prepare reports of the status of the project development.
  • Respond to the employer's queries about the project at any point.


The average annual salary for a freelance project manager is $59,000 as of April 2010. However, the earning capacity of a freelance project manager depends largely on the employer, the complexity of the project and the experience and qualifications you possess.

Types of Freelance Project Management

Freelance project management can be either generic or specific in nature. Specific freelance project management work can be in construction, finance, telecommunications, networking, software or many other fields. A website that helps out freelance job seekers exclusively is This website allows you to post your testimonials, to advertise and to bid for available freelance projects.

Final Word

Projects are vital for an organization to bring in desired change in either the structure or functioning. Only efficiently managed projects can bring in desired results or goals. Many industries are looking for project management experts and professionals to work on freelance bases because projects are generally of a temporary nature.