Freelance Public Relations Jobs: What to Expect

If you obtain a freelance public relations job, then you will be promoting an organization or helping it in projects like fund raising and other related events. In freelance public relations jobs, you may also help organizations or clients to develop strategic communication methods and help them in developing their businesses.

Qualifications and Skills

To work as freelance public relations officer, having an undergraduate or graduate degree in public relations, journalism or media relations is recommended, though not a necessity. Apart from this, to work as a freelancer you should also possess a solid knowledge of public relations and experience in this field. As a PR person, you should be well versed in English language usage in many formats, such as press releases and media information. You must possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Multinational clients usually prefer if you know more than two languages and have good media relations.


  • Understand and analyze the requirement, objectives, ethics and promotional policies of the organization.
  • Study and assess the project viability and methods of promoting the project.
  • Identify the audiences and client groups suitable for the project undertaken.
  • Plan and devise better communication for the publicity of the project.
  • Manage the information provided in press releases, online information media like Internet websites or intranet web pages and other media.
  • Assist in developing an image for the project of the company with an attractive and unique logo and signage.
  • Manage online surveys or competitions to build up the public awareness of the project.
  • Respond to the employer about the project's status or activities.
  • Coordinate with advertising agencies to start and manage a promotional campaign.
  • Build up the social contacts to continuously get projects for working.
  • Update with the new strategies and media improvements that can be used for marketing and business development.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of April 16, 2010, the average salary for the freelance public relations jobs is around $59,000. However, this is the salary that can be obtained when there is continuous work for you in freelance public relations jobs.

Types of Jobs

There are many types of public relations jobs, but the important ones are public relations specialist, public relations writer and media writer for advertisement companies and public relations manager. Check out, a dedicated freelance job website, to post your profile and bid for freelance public relations projects.

Final Word

According to the survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunity for freelance public relations jobs may grow by 8 percent from 2008 to 2018. Various industries are looking for public relations personnel to help them out in promoting or building a brand for themselves. At the same time, many people are turning to the option of working as a freelancer in public relations. Thus, you may have lots of competition, but if you consistently work on and develop your public relations skills, you have better chance of advancing in this career.