Freelance Technical Writing: Career Planning

When planning a freelance technical writing career, you must first think about your career goals. Although you can set goals which are not easy to achieve, you have to go step by step in order to get what you want. Patience and persistence are key elements to reaching your ambitions. Here are some recommendations that may help you with your career planning.

Start by Promoting Your Services

If you are just getting started in freelance technical writing, the first goal you should set is promoting your services. In order to do that, you can select from several options. One possibility is to create a website where you can post your resume and the different technical texts you have written so that prospective clients can see your experience. Another option is to post your resume on websites that are related to technical writers or freelance technical writing and wait for the potential clients to see your information when they enter the websites. You may also order some business cards with your personal information because you never know when you are going to bump into someone who may need a technical writer.

Create a Contact Network

Once you have a stable client, you should try to create a contact network for your freelance technical writing career. Although this goal is a bit more difficult to achieve, you can use some marketing strategies to build your network. For example, you may negotiate with your client: If he gets you another client, you will give him a discount.

Choose a Market

After having worked on several technical writing projects from different industries and markets, your next goal should be choosing a fixed market in order to fully devote yourself to one particular topic and stop doing so much research. Once you have chosen the market you like most, try to contact more companies within that industry. When you get an interview with some executive, make the most of it and carefully explain the services you offer and the benefits you can guarantee.

Consider Creating an Agency

One last possible goal you can set in your freelance technical writing career is to create your own agency. For this specific goal, you should establish a kind of society among colleagues you have met during your freelance technical writing career. The positive aspect of an agency is that it can cover not only your specialty but also markets to which your colleagues−or your employees−can devote their work.